Saturday, March 13, 2010

Church Project - Guess the Caption

Someone important said that public humiliation is good for the soul. Or I just made it up. This post is for my wife's church group project, Hope Community Church in Cary. One weekend, instead of going to church, everyone went out and did a community project. Donna's group decided to help split wood and stack in pick-ups for delivery to low income families - under the direction of the City of Raleigh. I went along to supervise.
It was of course a Spirit enriching and humble task....and of course one to made light of.

Guess the photo caption!!

(thinking) "Was that 2 blue pills every 6 hours, or 6 blue pills every 2 hours"?

(thinking) "Just stick to the plan Greg !"

(thinking) "I thought we hid all the axes from Kristen"?

(thinking) " That hat would complete me. What handsome haberdashery! Should I offer 4 pieces of wood or 6 pieces?"

(saying) " You did what! Before you left to come here you were worried it was too cold for the bees so you let them in the house"?

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