Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Picture is Worth...

Just thought I would give you an update. I go to see the surgeon next week and hopefully he will let me put more weight on the leg. Still using the sticks with a small amount of weight on my left leg, but my mobility is still inhibited. I've gone from about 8-12 pain pills a day to 2, so I am not resembling a zombie so much anymore. I have cabin fever in spades, but do manage to get chauffeured every once in a while.

It is said that when two people view a mountain they see different things. That is probably as it should be, but when I see the x-ray (sorry - hope it doesn't gross you out)I hope you see some of the things I see. I think of all the medical skill and time that went into me - by many, many people; the staff at Duke Orthopedics, the staff at the Durham VA, the staff at Duke University Hospital, and not least, my wife and son. All the notes and cards I received I was again reminded that John Donne and Paul Simon had it wrong, no man is an island. I think of all the people around the world who need the appliance more than I and will probably never receive an artificial anything (especially Haiti). And last, but most importantly, I think of all the prayers in my behalf by some people I know, and most amazingly, by people I do not know: all wrapped in Ernestine's prayer blanket. We are all God's paper clips, connected in ways that are beyond thinking, but connected none the less.

I am grateful.

PS: Don't you think the "erector set" plate - the titaneum strip with the holes remind you of a flying buttress from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris?
Wonder if one day I'll start speaking French.

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